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Solar Dried Fruits and Vegetables.

Recently in the eastern side of Uganda, there has been serious famine.The irony of it is that drought usually follows a bumper harvest of mangoes. During a dry season mangoes do better because the dry weather limits the fungal diseases which kill the flowers. People even believe a bumper harvest of mangoes causes famine.With a simple Solar Drier these mangoes can be dried and be preserved for over three months and be eaten when they are out of season.The price of dried mangoes is fifteen times higher than the fresh ones. The drying only takes three days. If it is done well in extreme hygienic conditions, there are companies which are exporting these solar dried products. The National Post Harvest Programme at Kawanda has developed different types of solar driers for the farmers.The contact is Telephone No. 25641567708.

Protecting our Harvested Crops.
Post-harvest simply means after harvest. What happens to our crops after they have been harvested from the garden. Most of the time the farmers take care of thier crops


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