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Photogragh of the Katagula Family Tree.











THE KATAGULA LINEAGE AT NAKYESSANJA Mit II Nabweru Kyaddondo. by Fred Sekajjoolo Kiwanuka Semakula.

.The lineage of Katagula at Nakyessanja descends from the sub-sub clan (trunk lineage) or Omutuba of Sekajjoolo Kawuula Lukungo at Kawolongojjo; in the sub-clan or essiga of Nkambwe Kasoma Sekyanda at Vvuga Migadde; in the clan of Nduggwa Mukiibi Nantetololwa at Mabuye Katende Mawokota. We belong to the Lugave Clan and our sub-totem is the Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) Amaleere. Our Clan Motto or omubala sounds:- Lwa Ngugwa (For Ndugwa), lwa Katende (For Katende). Bw'abirya, Bw'awoza. (As he eats them so he justifies). Sseruku lulengeja, simannyi lunangwira (The dangling firewood, I don't know whether it will hit me). Bw'ompa akawala ako, ng'ebbanja liwedde (If you give me that little girl, the debt is settled).

The lineage (olunnyiiri)of Katagula at Nakyessanja has other linieges with which it descends directly from and form the sub-sub clan (trunk lineage) or Omutuba of Sekajjoolo Kawuula Lukungo at Kawolongojjo. These  lineages are nine:-

(1) Lusambya, the lineage where the Head of the sub-sub clan (trunk lineage) or Omutuba of Sekajjoolo Kawuula Lukungo comes from.

(2) Kataagula,   the lineage which is found at Nakyessanja Kawanda Mit II Nabweeru Kyaddondo in Wakiso district.

(3) Makko Sengatuusa Kayanja  the lineage which is found at Mpiggi Ssingo Busunju.

(4) Semeyi Magala,  the lineage which is found at Kakinzi Kakoola in Bulemeezi.

(5) Sajeenti Alipo Mulumba, his lineage is found at Kirumba Kalisizo Buddu.

(6) Petero Katende Kivebulaaya,  his lineage is found at Kawolongojjo Ssingo.

(7) Mabuzi Kyononeka Mugandawasula, his lineage is found at Mitimbojje Ssingo.

(8) Magala Kubulwamwaana, his lineage is found at Ttabiro Mawokota.

(9) Nzalambi Katunze,  his lineage is found at Bbiina Busujju.

Presently the  lineages Mabuzi Kyononeka Mugandawasula, Magala Kubulwamwaana and Nzalambi Katunze, claim to belong to one lineage of Mugandawasula and one sub-sub clan and are not together with the others.

The  sub-sub clan or trunk lineage (omutuba) of Sekajjoolo Kawuula, where the Katagula Ssalongo lineage comes from, also has other  sub-sub clans which descend from and form the sub-clan (essiga) of  Kasoma Sekyanda Nkambwe Nakatanza at Vvuga Migadde. These sub-clans are:-

(1) Bukulubwawadda, the sub sub-clan where the Head of the sub-clan of Kasoma Nakatanza descends from.

(2)  Sekajjoolo Kawuula, the sub sub-clan where the Cusdodian and Drummer (kawuula in Lunnyoro) of Mujaguzo the King drum descends from.

      OMUTAKA ROGERS SEMAKULA SSALONGO       KAWUULA is the Head of the Sekajjoolo sub-clan.

(3) Bulibaluggi Kawuka, at Buziranduulu Nakifuma Kyaggwe where the Chief Tether  (Ssebalijja) of  the Kabaka's(King) goats descends from.

(4) Mpinga Kabirinagge, at Jjokolera is the sub sub-clan where the Chief Palace Guard (Omumbowa) descends from.

(5) Kasujju Lubinga, at Busujju, is the sub sub-clan where the Custodian and Guardian of the Princes (abalangira) in the Palace (Olubiri) descends from.

(6)Kabumba Luseke, the sub sub-clan where the Kabaka's Physician(Doctor) descends from.

These are the six sub sub-clans (emituba) which form  the sub-clan (essiga) of Kasoma Sekyanda Nkambwe Nakatanza

Presently there are seventeen other sub-clans which form the Lugave clan and these descend from the ten sons of Ndugwa Mukiibi Nantetololwa.




I Sekajjoolo Semakula Kiwanuka Fred the head of this lineage and the author of this article, I am the son of the late Semakula Mutotayagalwa Amuloni who is burried at Nakyessanja; who is the son of  Aloni Mukadde Musisi Kironde who is burried at Nakyessanja; who is the son of  Kaziro Sebwendi who died and was burried in a forest by only his wife and daughter while freeing the plague epidemic. This is the son of  Kayanja Kawuula and a brother of  Katagula Ssalongo at Nakyessanja. This is the son of  Kijunguse Kawuula who is a son of  Bakisuula Kawuula; who is a son of  Byange Kawuula; who is the son Lwembaawo Kawuula; who is a son of  Sekajjoolo Lukungo Kawuula who is burried at Kawolongojjo.This is the first Kawuula who brought the child Prince Kimera from Bunyoro to be King. Kimera had been seared by the Buganda King while still a prince from one of the wives of the Bunyoro King. This is how this great grand father aquired the names of Kawuula and Lukungo which are in Lunyoro language. Okuwuula in Lunyoro is to beat (drumming), so Kawuula is the chief drummer of the Mujaguzo drum. Lukungo is an endearment name in Lunyoro given to someone who is most beloved an equivalent of Mulongo wange in Luganda .Both of these names were given to Sekajjoolo by the child King Kimera who was speaking Lunyoro and such was the love between King Kimera and Sekajjoolo.

Sekajjoolo Kawuula is a son of  Kasoma Nkambwe Sekyanda Nakatanza who is burried at Migadde; and this is the son of  Ndugwa Mukiibi Nantetololwa at Mabuye Katende but burried at Kapeeka Bulemeezi. This is the founder of the Lugave clan which together with other fifty three clans form the Buganda Kingdom. Before Ndugwa the country was called Muwawa (open country).The Lugave clan starts with Ndugwa,so his ascendants belonnged to other dead clans or no clans like Nfudu (Tortoise), Nkejje (Bobo haplochromines/ Haplochromis).

Ndugwa Kasonnyi Kimalempaka Sebuko Mukiibi is the son of  Muntu Musoke (Musoose) Mutyaabe omukiibikiibi (expert water navigator) and Simannyibunaakya (Nankya) was his mother.Muntu Musoke Mutyaabe (Mutyaba) is the son of  Mandwa Wasswa Kiwanuka the dark skinned twin, as his twin brother Kato Kiwanuka was light skinned. Mandwa Wasswa seared Muntu Musoke from his own sister  Babirye Nabawanuka one of another pair of twins from the same father and mother  Lubaale Kintuntu Ssalongo and  Nambaale Namusoke Nalongo. Lubaale kintuntu was a son of  Sewamala from Bubembe Bumbaale and Bukasa Islands in Lake Nalubaale (Lake Victoria). It is the father of Ndugwa, that is Muntu Musoke Mutyaabe who left the islands and came to settle on the mainland around Entebbe areas.

I come from the family (nnyumba) of the late Amuloni Semakula; from the compound (Oluggya) of Aloni Mukadde at Nakyessanja; from the lineage (Olunnyiriri) of Kataagula at Nakyessanja ; from the sub-sub clan (Omutuba) of Sekajjoolo Kawuula at Kawolongojjo; from the sub-clan (Essiga) of  Kasoma Sekyanda at Migadde; from the clan (Akasolya) of Ndugwa Nantetoloolwa at Mabuye Katende. I belong to the Lugave (Pangolin) Clan (Ekika) and our sub totem is Maleere (Oyster mushrooms).

My mother is the late Josephine Nalongo Nakaayi who is burried at Nakyessanja- Kawanda and she is a descendant of Kisambu at Busambu in Bulemeezi, She belongs to the Nkima (monkey) clan, the sub-totem is Byenda (Goat's Offal) though my mother belong to another sub-totem of Nabakonnye a Smaller type of dove or turtle. so I am a great maternal descendant of Mugema the head and founder of Nkima clan,

My grandmother. the mother of my Father Amuloni Semakula is the late Solome Nalwanga who is burried at Nakyessanja-Kawanda, Solome Nalwanga belongs to the Mamba (Lung fish) clan. so I am a great grand descendat of Gabunga the founder and head of the Mamba clan.